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Reviews for Bandon Trails Apartments

Posted On: 5/1/2018

The management staff (3 ladies)

Even though I am leaving Bandon Trails, I did enjoy my stay for the most part. The current staff is most professional , helpful, and friendly I am an older resident and I work so I need the quiet that I had when I first moved here I do want to say Thank you very much. I wish you much success in all that you do.
By: Joan Jenkins     Verified Resident
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Posted On: 4/24/2018

Great Value

Amber is always responsive to any concerns and I feel like Bandon is a great value. The location makes it easy to get just about anywhere.
By: Michael     Verified Resident
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Posted On: 3/23/2018

Change works!

I'll be the first to admit, I'm a tough one to change my mind once its made up. Before all the staff was changed out, I was ready to pay the high price to break my lease. I was at my wits end. I didn't know the staff had changed since I gave up on contacting the office with problems. My husband and I contacted the office about breaking our lease, and to our surprise we got a reply by Amber (the new Manager). She expressed that she wanted us to give her and the new staff a chance to change our minds. I had little hope that anyone could fix my unhappiness here. I can now say that aside from the noise of the people upstairs walking heavy footed on hardwood floors, I have ZERO issues with the changes that have been made. I would like to express my sincere gratitude to Amber and Anna, when I was ready to mentally break from the problems we were having, you 2 ladies changed it all around! Until you two came to Bandon Trails, I was really about to lose my mind over lack of sleep, annoyance, and the disrespect we had been enduring. I urge anyone who finds this review to give these ladies a chance, I promise you wont be sorry. They helped me have a peaceful home where I plan to live for years and years to come.
By: Jodee Hill     Verified Resident
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Posted On: 1/11/2018

Long timer

I have lived her 3 years. Things are so much better now. We used to have an office staff that didn't seem to want to be bothered. There didn't seem to be many maintenance guys so work orders were low slow. However now there's a whole new staff lots of maintenance guys driving around in golf cart cleaning up the property. The girls in the office are new they are nice. The older woman I see on the property She always stops and says Hi and pets are dog. At least we see the manager out on property. Lots of changes but I think it's great the property is getting rid of the bad residents and making people clean up patio' s. Friday I saw manager walking around knocking on doors asking residents that had trash by door to please throw it away. She even stopped and played catch with young boy throwing ball around. Then picked up metal sign that was laying in grass. I like the change but I'm sure these who dont want to follow rules dont. Go visit office super nice. I pay rent pestand trash and water. I was late once and I paid late fee. But was my fault. My work orders get done sometimes takes 3 maybe 4 days but I know they are busy too. I dont have any bugs. Great price . I am happy now.
By: Maria Hernandez     Verified Resident
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Posted On: 1/11/2018

I had good visit some reviews are made up it's obvious

So I went into office on 1-9 to look at 2 bedroom 1 bath. I 1st met with a young lady at front desk. Anita maybe Alisa. She was very pleasant. She gave me rates and offered to show me a model. The apt was very nice so much room and so open. A little dated but not bad and not for the price. She showed me the fitness room and pool area. Salt water I liked that. When we got back she told me about a apt avail and ask if I had time to go look at it she had just gotten keys from cleaners. So I saw a empty unit and wow it was even nicer. When we got back I met 2 other ladies working in the office. One was tall she looked super busy but stopped immediately to say hi and ask if I would like coffee or tea. I decided to fill out application. Now while I was doing this I believe a young resident came in. He was yelling at the 1st girl who was trying to explain that he could not pay online because he was late and had bounced a check. She was trying to calm him down and speak quietly but he was being so rude. The other girl came out and took him and a much nicer quiet guy into her office. I could still hear him cursing her calling her names. He said yes he bounce his payment but still should be able to pay online. I couldn't hear the girl. After a few the taller older lady came back into office from outside and since she I'm sure could hear this guy yelling profanity behind doors when I to office. 2 other people came into office and made comment that the t taller woman is the new manager.I asked how the apts were and did they like living here.She said yes new staff and that the manager just started and is super nice and the whole staff is nice. One said more is done in 2 month then in the 1 year she lived there.Told me prior assistant was scandalous but she's gone.This guy said he was going to put bad reviews in daily.He was upset because he got charged nsf fee and late fee.He was late by 10 days he was so rude.Irented.I bet he's behind all the bad reviews same words being used.
By: Lori Collins     Verified Resident
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Posted On: 7/27/2017

Good Price and Friendly People

Front desk is very nice and friendly. It is one of the more affordable places in South Tulsa with 3 rooms.
By: Anonymous     Verified Resident
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Posted On: 5/30/2017


had a maintenance issue come up after hours on a Saturday night, problem was fixed quickly and maintenance man was very polite.
By: sara   
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Posted On: 5/25/2016

Great apartments

Love these apartments. Love what all has been done with the updates, especially the playground. It comes in handy when you have a young child, she enjoys it so much!
By: Jen   
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